Your neurons paint a lovely picture,
only visible through thoughtful research.
Let us be mindful, and design by their design.

Hello, there

I'm Dina Bseiso, an aspiring-UX professional at UC Berkeley's School of Information. A researcher by training in the applied field of Cognitive Science, as well as an illustrator at heart, my curiosities of the brain lead my fascination of how we perceive and interact with the designed world around us.

We use our brains every day; they are at the heart of our behaviors. A design failing to consider the brain and its functionalities is inherently flawed. For these reasons, I feel obligated to be mindful of the brain's design via thoughtful research, and to truthfully design by it.

To be mindful of the brain is to be mindful of ourselves and our needs. At Berkeley, I hope to further my knowledge through UI/UX Design and Research courses in order to produce progressive designs that meet our relevant needs. Elegant design is not only beautiful, but effortless in use, allowing us to spend more time thinking about what we value most. For me, that would be my family, sharing, art, and the brain.

I hope this finds you well,

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