10 Million Displaced Syrian Voices

An Overview

The Challenge

To create a narrative infographic. I chose the compelling narrative of displaced Syrian refugees, inspired by a research paper investigating communication technologies within the Syrian refugee community. Despite a harrowing situation before them, they empower themselves through these communication technologies. I wanted to adequately convey their resilience.

The Solution

A bold, powerful color palette framing data surrounding communication technologies at high and low levels. This infographic was made available for print (11" x 17").

My Role

UI/UX Designer & Graphic Designer: Adobe Illustrator. All iconography outside of Social Media icons are my own original work.

The Design Process

To subtly set the tone of a people in pain, yet perservering, I repeated a simplified icon in the header of the infographic. These icons represent people marching together, and supporting one another in this struggle.

In the "Social Media Usage" portion of the infographic, I used colors that have become associated with their social media counterpart (Facebook's blue, Twitter's blue, YouTube Red, etc). Research has shown that this tactic allows users to read graphs more quickly and ascertain the data they seek more clearly.

Lastly, I wanted to touch upon the devices used, but also a problem that Syrian refugees have encountered that render these devices useless: power outages. Because Internet Cafés are considered to be a primary means of access for accessing the Internet, as well as a back-up to when power outages do occur, I wanted to avoid repeating the icon. So, I centered the cup to cross over both sections. I knew this design decision was a risk, and it was received with mixed reviews. A good portion of the audience commented that they did not understand it at all.

Reflection and Future Steps

While overall, I'm satisfied with the design, the Internet Café icon remains a sore spot that should be revisited.

It was an uncomfortable privilege to study the details of their plight and transform it into a compelling narrative infographic, but nonetheless important design work to commit to. It's modest, but I hope I served justice to their story.